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AceProject: An All-In-One Project Management Application

AceProject: An All-In-One Project Management Application: "
Info: This is a review of a paid application.

As a part of a project, knowing your tasks and completing them on time, collaborating with the team members, reaching the necessary documents and analyzing the time/effort spent on a project, using a project management application is definitely a "must". No matter you are a freelancer or a huge team.

AceProject is a professional project management application that can control simple to complex projects pretty easily.

It allows assigning multiple users to a project (each having their own access rights), creating tasks (and task groups for a better categorization), setting the details of the tasks and assigning them to users.


Tasks can have almost every detail you may need where you can decide which ones to use according to the complexity of them, like:

  • status, percentage of completion, priority
  • estimated completion time
  • hours worked
  • dependencies with other tasks

  • and more..

In order to have a snapshot of the project, AceProject can instantly generate Gantt charts and a calendar-view using the data in these tasks.

Documents are an important part of a project and the application manages them very well. Unlimited number of documents can be added, attached to tasks and they can be marked as private or public.

A nice feature is "versioning" of the documents so you'll know who edited the document and reach the past versions. Also, it is possible to "lock" documents to protect them from being edited or deleted.

AceProject Snapshot

For a company who charges by hours, timesheet management is very important. AceProject can handle this automatically with the help of a "time clock" where users just push when starting and stopping a task. Rest is handled with the system. And, manual updates are always possible.

As a group of users will be collaborating on the same project, getting notified on actions important for your workflow is necessary. AceProject sends e-mail notifications on such events (a task being assigned, timesheet approved, etc.). Also, it lets you know when a task is "soon due" to help preventing any delays.

There is a built-in per-project-forum to discuss any details and an integrated mailbox to see the messages received from the system and project users.

AceProject comes with many other features including mobile-access for all major smartphones, ability to brand the application, API support for 3rd party product integration and much more.

The project management software has various plans that can meet the requirements of any team. And besides the paid plans, there is a free plan provided which can be enough for a small project team.

P.S. There is also an "Intranet Package" for anyone who wants to install the application to their own servers.