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Hottest Web Applications of the Month – June

Hottest Web Applications of the Month – June: "
Following on from last month’s roundup, we’ve got a whole bunch of hot web apps to share with you that we think will be really useful. It includes web analytics which allows you to see what your site users are doing in real time, a business plan writing app which you can create and collaborating your smart business plan, or even the password management app that keeps your passwords organized and rocks on every device!

hottest app june 2011 Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June

Without further ado, here is it – our pick of the hottest web application for the month of June. Do check out the last section of the article to find out how you can suggest us your favorite app.

Hottest Web App of the Month


Clicky is a fantastic tool for all those who obsess about analytics (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) and get valuable data in real time.

With Clicky you can ‘spy’ on your site, and see which users are on which page, where they came from, how long they have been reading for, which goals they have met, and more. It’s similar to Google Analytics, but a lot more user friendly, live, just a better experience. It has both free and paid plans available.

clicky Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June

Test Flight

Test Flight is a fantastically simple app for iOS developers that share your app from the cloud. Anyone who has developed for iOS has probably had some struggles with provisioning and distributing pre-app store builds of their apps.

Test flight takes care of all these issues – just email a link to anyone you’d like to test your app, they click a link and you are good to go. You can observe in real time when they open your email and install the app, and see any problem that arises. It’s really incredibly simple, and if you are an iOS dev, you should check it out – especially as it’s a free tool for all developers.

testflight Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Aviary is a free online photo editing tool that takes care of all simple tasks you can think of when it comes to photo editing. It has a range of different effects that many people have come to expect from iPhone apps, but the beauty is that you can do them all online (or without having an iPhone).

It also has an advanced suite with a number of different tools, ranging from screen capture to music creation and everything in-between.

aviary Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Plan2Biz isn’t the prettiest app in this list, but anyone who has attempted to write a business plan will know it is really simple and easy to use.

You can choose from a variety of plan types depending on how detailed you want it to be, and it creates a simple index for you with all points that should be filled out for that plan. If you want to make changes, add or remove points, just make a couple of clicks and you are done. Oh, and it’s free.

plan2biz Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Lastpass is a fantastic tool for managing your passwords, and that helps to keep you secure across a range of different devices.

You can get plugins that integrate with any browser, they have their own browser on a range of mobile devices, and a great web version to boot. It can generate new passwords for you (great for security), automatically fill out forms, and more! It comes in both free and paid versions, although I’ve found the free account does pretty much everything I could ever need.

lastpass Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Scadaplan is a great project management and collaboration app, with a fantastic design to boot.

With Scadaplan, you can create and assign tasks and projects, set deadlines, view tasks on a calendar (my personal favorite) and more. There are some things that could be done in a more simple fashion, or haven’t yet been implemented, but as far as beta version go it’s really very solid and very useful. Free for the time being at least.

scadaplan Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Do you go to a lot of meetings? Do you take a lot of minutes (or notes of any kind, really) while you are there? Minutes.io is the tool for you.

With free web app Minutes.io, you can fill out your minutes quickly, add attendees, set task types and due dates, and the pertinent information in no time. We use it for recording notes from Skype meetings, and have found it to be a great tool for sorting all kinds of information.

minutes Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Cloudflare isn’t a web app per se, but it’s a fantastic site for anyone who runs a website.

Cloudflare is something along the lines of a CDN, and once you set up your DNS to go through it, it can speed up your site (it reduced our website’s average page load time from 0.42 seconds to 0.15 seconds). It also protects you from a range of threats, caches assorted common requests, saves you bandwidth, and does a bunch of other natty things. It has both free and paid plans available.

cloudflare Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Sugarsync is a great Dropbox alternative (especially after the recent announcement that the dropbox staff can read your files) that lets you store your files in the cloud, and access them from almost any device or system.

The free account comes with 5 gigabytes of storage, and you can upgrade to premium plans for more storage. With Sugarsync you can easily back up any file on your computer (rather than just your Dropbox), upload and sync via email, stream music to your device and more. It’s definitely worth a look.

sugarsync Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Formsly is a simple app for creating and integrating great contact pages into your website.

With Formsly you can set multiple office locations, generate directions, give out directions to any of your offices, create vCards or QR codes of your location, details and more. It’s pretty handy if you want to set up a powerful contact page in a hurry, and it costs only $0.99 a month.

formsly Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Doolphy is another project management tool with a lot of powerful features packed in. You can collaborate, share files, bill clients, get detailed financial graphics and more, all from one central location.

They have a free plan with unlimited users, so you can get in there and give it a go without losing anything. They also have a Spanish version for the Spanish speakers among you. Worth a look!

doolphy Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


SocialMention is like Google for social media search. It’s a hugely helpful tool for monitoring topics you are interested in, working on, writing about, or otherwise partake in, all from the comfort of your browser.

It also shows you the relative popularity of a particular search term so that you can find the most popular terms to connect with your audience. It’s a great way to sort through the junk to get to the most relevant content.

socialmention Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June


Castle.so is a simple file sharing tool whenever you’ve got a small file to share. The free account lets you upload files of up to 15 megabytes, and you can upgrade the account to get larger file size.

They claim the site is different from other file sharing sites because of its great support and reliability (and no ads!) – check it out yourself and see what you think. (Suggested by: JamesPeterson)

castle Hottest Web Applications of the Month   June

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