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HOW TO: Launch Facebook Skype Video Chat [PICS]

HOW TO: Launch Facebook Skype Video Chat [PICS]: "
You can now make video calls on Facebook, thanks to a new Skype-powered feature the social network launched Wednesday.
During the product announcement, Mark Zuckerberg described how his elderly neighbor in Palo Alto asked if he could to video chat his grandson on Facebook — without the hassle of setting up a new account or downloading a program. “Tune in,” Zuckerberg told him.

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It’s not quite as seamless as Zuckerberg’s neighbor was hoping, however. The first time you try to video chat someone or answer a call, you will indeed be asked to download a program. The chat window will then ask you to select some Flash settings.
After that, the feature works like “a mini-Skype client,” as Skype CEO Tony Bates mentioned during the announcement. It also has a neat option to record a video message if the person you’re calling doesn’t answer. Here’s a brief walk-through in pictures. Is it working for you? Let us know in the comments.
Before you can participate in a video chat call, go to facebook.com/videocalling to enable your account. Click on 'Get started.'

You'll need to install a program. The install option will pop up when you click the video camera icon on the upper-right corner of the chat window or receive a call.

As with a standard Skype call, no video launches until the second party answers the call.

If the person who you're calling doesn't answer, you can leave a video message. This message will appear in their 'messages' tab, the same place that text messages do.

This is what the video chat window looks like.