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3 Ways to Unlock a Protected Excel File

3 Ways to Unlock a Protected Excel File: "
Most people protect their Excel files before sharing them—especially if the file is a form. While protecting the file keeps other people from altering the spreadsheet’s calculations, if the calculations are wrong, the other person has no way to correct them without the file creator’s password. Plus, such passwords are easily forgotten by the file’s creator.

There are several ways to unlock a protected Excel file without the password. Here are three of the easiest:

1. Upload the File to Google Docs

google docs

Uploading the Excel file to Google Docs will unlock the file. Simply upload the file, then download it from Google Docs. Be sure to save the file with a different name.

However, Google Docs may change some of the cell spacing in the spreadsheet. You may need to realign the many of the cells after the file is unlocked.

2. Upload the File to Zoho Sheet


Zoho Sheet works similarly to Google Docs, but grants users a few more features, like the ability to edit spreadsheets stored in SharePoint. The process to unlock an Excel file is the same—upload the file, then download it again with a different file name.

For the most part, the file looked the same as it did before we uploaded it. Zoho did, however, change the font.

3. Upload the File to Ensode’s Unlock Utility

ensode 2

While Ensode’s Web site is by far the messiest of these three, the unlock utility provided there works better than both of the previous methods. Scroll past the advertisements to the bottom of the page. Accept the terms and upload your file. A link to your unlocked file is then provided. Simply download it and continue your edits.

ensode 1

Ensode’s unlock utility preserves the integrity of the original spreadsheet. All fonts, cell sizes and calculations remain completely intact. If you can stand the advertisements, this is definitely the best way to go.

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