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iChromy Brings Google’s Chrome Browser to iPad

iChromy Brings Google’s Chrome Browser to iPad: "
iChromy for iPad
Windows and Mac OS X users, do you love Google Chrome for its smoothness and its premier silky feeling? You might even be an avid fan of Mobile Safari on your Apple iPad, but if you’re too addicted to Chrome on your desktop device, we’ve got to tell you that your favorite desktop browser is now available on your favorite tablet too! Take a bow for iChromy!

Though the thing doesn’t come straight from the Google guys, it’s yet not that far from the ripping desktop version! Some of what it has to offer in its features-list is a set of gems that’ll be like déjà vu while you fall in love with those ‘first-by-Chrome’ features on the iPad version, all over again.


Do you like your address bar to also act as your big-bad-booty search engine text box where you can just put your search terms and hit return? And you also like it because it saves important space on your browser? You have it here on iChromy too! WIN-WIN, Ominibox!

iChromy - Address Bar

Tabs on Top

iChromy - Ominibox

Next is, the omniscient tabs in Chrome – always sitting on extreme top of your screen, with no need for an additional title bar, and all tabs collectively forming a replacement for the conventional title bar and hide the address bar. Hence more space for the web content and more room for reading. When you feel the need for the address bar, just tap the tab and ‘boom’ comes the address bar in a flash, just as you can see below!

iChromy - Tab

Offline Reading and Social Sharing

What’s more that’s out of the extraordinary? The services it comes with! It’s up to you now, whether to read it later (offline) via the “Read It Later” service or just push the web page you’re viewing on your iPad to the highly renowned Instapaper services, which is also there in the offerings; apart from others such as Google Reader, Evernote, Pinboard and your daily social sharing band wagon of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc, all there, in one cute little iChromy.

iChromy - Reading ListiChromy - Share

Context Search

We might also want to tell you that iChromy lets you directly search from the context menu. And you would always love the open link in new tab option which comes with iChromy as you long press a web link and opt for various opening options that are offered by the browser.

iChromy - Highlight Text

It’s not Perfect but… it’s Free!

Anything bad about iChromy? Yes. Currently, only 10 bookmarks are shown in the bookmark popover window.

Apart from Chrome’s thunder pace, what’s more that can take me close to getting this app at last? The price. It’s free. It’s priceless.

Head over to App Store and download iChromy via this direct iTunes link.

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