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A Self-Hosted Social Network To Manage Them All – Friendika

A Self-Hosted Social Network To Manage Them All – Friendika: "
Today's internet user interacts with others using many different services like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

Friendika, an open source PHP/MySQL application, integrates with such services and allows you to control your social networking stream from a single interface.

The supported services include Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Identi.ca, RSS feeds, e-mail integration and more.


Friendika is actually much more than that, it is a distributed social-network which doesn't require any 3rd party services and has its own Facebook-like features including, status updates, photo sharing/tagging, like/dislike, creating groups/fan pages or location sharing/geotagging.

And, the best part is; every Friendika user can connect with any other Friendika user on any installation without limits.